The ATMCS series

ATMCS is a biennial conference series on algebraic topology, its role in Computer Science, and its applications. So far, the conference series has had meetings:
* ATMCS 1, 2001, Stanford, CA, USA
* ATMCS 2, 2004, London, Ontario, Canada
* ATMCS 3, 2008, Paris, France
* ATMCS 4, 2010, Münster, Germany
* ATMCS 5, 2012, Edinburgh, Scotland

Furthermore there have been workshops organized under the heading Geometric and Topological Methods in Concurrency (and Distributed Systems) in Aalborg, Denmark (1999 and 2001), Penn State, PA, USA (2000), Toulouse, France (2002), Marseille, France (2003), Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2004), San Francisco, CA, USA (2005), Bonn, Germany (2006) and Aalborg, Denmark (2010).

Applied and computational topology refers to the adaptation of topological ideas and techniques to study problems in science and engineering. The further development of topological techniques for use in applications and the creation of new areas of application in the subject are amongst the goals of this workshop. The workshop will bring together leading researchers in this emerging discipline as well as providing an opportunity for young mathematicians to get involved in it.

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