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Hello, World!

We are obviously interested in building up the content on the site.

  • To that end we mainly need people who want to write articles for the site. Articles can be anything from:
    1. A short exposition of something you learned, no matter how simple or complex
    2. A video or image of something interesting to the community, or possibly a talk given somewhere and recorded.
    3. Announcement of a new paper, conference, or job opportunity.
    4. Anything else!
  • Theme design
    1. We would like to spruce of the look at feel a bit, so if you are decent with drawing we need could use your help. Also if you want to work on making, finding, or buying, a better theme, feel free.
  • Suggestions for other forms of content, be it a wiki, forum, etc..
  • Also the willingness to get it off the ground, we can install the software for you and set you up as an administrator, and even help a bit, but, getting the initial content going.

We don’t want to burden anyone with extra work. We are all busy. However, if everyone in our community wrote even one article a year, this would become a site worth visiting.

Again, get in contact with either Mikael or myself. Either in person, or via email at

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