Potential Postdoc at KTH in Stockholm

Martina Scolamiero writes:

At the TDA group of KTH we are applying to obtain funding for a post doc position. In case of a successful application, this two years position will be hosted by the Mathematics department at KTH in Stockholm and is aimed at researchers from outside Sweden. https://kaw.wallenberg.org/en/postdoctoral-scholarship-program-mathematics-researchers-outside-sweden

I can highly recommend the TDA group at KTH, led by Wojciech Chacholski, where I am currently a postdoc. KTH offers a vibrant context for research where the TDA group works on a variety of topics and interacts with the Algebraic Geometry group, the Statistics group and the Brummers & Partners MathDataLab.

In the application we can mention possible interested candidates. In case you are interested or just want to know more about this possibility you are welcome to contact me.

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