MICCAI Workshop on Topology- and Graph-Informed Imaging Informatics (TGI3)

All are welcome to submit and attend our workshop on Topology- and Graph-Informed Imaging Informatics (TGI3). It will be held during the upcoming MICCAI 2024 (Morocco, October). The deadline is coming soon but we are considering extending it for a couple of more weeks. Please reach out if you have any questions.



Chao Chen

Associate Professor of Biomedical Informatics

Stony Brook University

2 Interdisciplinary Postdoc Positions at KTH

Martina Scolamiero writes:

“Together with Saikat Chatterjee (KTH) and Sara Garcia Ptacek (Karolinska Institutet) I will be supervising a two year postdoc position at KTH on an interdisciplinary project aimed at developing topological and ML methods to study medical and biological data, with a focus on repurposing medications for dementia patients. 

This is the second of the two positions in the following announcement (https://www.kth.se/lediga-jobb/732270?l=en). The deadline for application is 27-th June. Please spread the word to possibly interested candidates and feel free to contact me (scola@kth.se) for further details. ” 

Postdoctoral Research Assistant Opportunity: “An ‘Erlangen Programme’ for AI ”

“We invite applications for the position of Postdoctoral Research Assistant (PDRA) in the School of Mathematical Sciences for the project “An ‘Erlangen Programme’ for AI ”, funded by the EPSRC. This is a large project across multiple universities including including Oxford, Imperial, Southampton, Durham, and Aberdeen. The successful applicant will work with Prof. Omer Bobrowski and Dr. Primoz Skraba, to bridge the gap between topology and deep learning by investigating how stochastic topological tools can be developed and used to systematically analyse, interpret, and improve the performance of deep neural networks. The position will involve collaborations with researchers at the other universities in the hub as well as opportunities for attending workshops and conferences.

The successful applicant will have, or soon obtain, a PhD degree in mathematics or related area, or equivalent level of professional qualifications and experience, with expertise in at least one of the areas: machine learning, applied topology, and/or probability theory.

The position is up to 3 years.

The job is listed at https://www.qmul.ac.uk/jobs/vacancies/items/9746.html with a deadline of June 30th

For any further questions please contact p.skraba@qmul.ac.uk or o.bobrowski@qmul.ac.uk

Postdoctoral Research Assistant Opportunity: “Topological Phase Transitions in Stochastic Geometry”

“We invite applications for the position of Postdoctoral Research Assistant (PDRA) in the School of Mathematical Sciences. The successful applicant will work in close collaboration with Prof. Omer Bobrowski on the project “Topological Phase Transitions in Stochastic Geometry”, funded by the EPSRC. The main goal of this project is to study the probabilistic behaviour of random high-dimensional structures, focusing on phase transitions (sharp changes) related to their topology. The phenomena studied serve both as high-dimensional generalisations for well-known phenomena in random graphs and stochastic geometry, and as means to develop insight into statistical and computational challenges in topological analysis of data analysis (TDA).

The successful applicant will have, or be about to obtain, a PhD degree in mathematics, or equivalent level of professional qualifications and experience. Applicants should have research experience in a field closely related to probability theory and/or applied topology.

The position is up to 2 years. 

The job is listed at: https://www.qmul.ac.uk/jobs/vacancies/items/9743.html with a deadline of June 30th

“Topological Phase Transitions in Stochastic Geometry”,For any further questions please contact  o.bobrowski@qmul.ac.uk

Lectureship in Mathematical foundations of AI

We are advertising a lectureship in Mathematical Foundations of AI and Machine Learning with the deadline of 3 June 2024. The position should be attractive to mathematicians with an interest in the theoretical foundations of the subject, and so in particular it should be of interest to those working in topological data analysis, applied topology, and similar subjects. We are partners in the EPSRC-sponsored programme “Mathematical Foundations of Intelligence: An “Erlangen Programme” for AI” which started earlier this year and will run for five years. As part of this endeavour, we will be appointing two postdocs in this area, the first of which will start in October 2024. The successful candidate will be offered the opportunity to engage with this programme. 

We warmly invite and encourage applications from women and other groups under represented in this area. I’d be very happy to answer questions about the position. 

The relevant link is here: https://jobs.soton.ac.uk/Vacancy.aspx?ref=2684624PJ

For more information, please contact Jacek Brodzki.

Best wishes, 
Jacek Brodzki

Multiple research positions available in TDA & HPC (post-doc, engineer)

Dr Julien Tierny writes:

Dear colleagues,

In the context of the ERC project “TORI” (dedicated to topological data analysis and visualization, http://erc-tori.github.io/), the Computer Science department (LIP6) of Sorbonne University (Paris, France) offers several research positions.

These positions will be supervised in collaboration with Pierre Fortin (https://pro.univ-lille.fr/en/pierre-fortin) from the University of Lille. They will be located, by default, at Sorbonne University (LIP6 lab, Paris), but, depending on the candidate’s interest, a relocation at the University of Lille (CRIStAL lab, Lille) might be considered.

These positions include:

  • 1 post-doc position in high performance computing (HPC) for topological data analysis, to be filled as soon as possible, but no later than October 2025 (duration: 12 months, with a possible follow-up).
  • 1 research engineer position on the development and maintenance of TTK (http://topology-tool-kit.github.io/), preferably with prior HPC experience, to be filled as soon as possible, but no later than October 2025 (duration: 12 months, with a possible follow-up).

More details are available on the webpage of the TORI project:

Thanks for forwarding these offers to colleagues who may be interested.

Please contact us directly by email for more information.

Best regards,

Dr Julien Tierny
CNRS Researcher
Sorbonne Universite

Postdoc Position in TDA + Plant Bio at MSU

Elizabeth (Liz) Munch writes:

Hey folks!

Myself and Dan Chitwood (MSU Horticulture Department) are hiring a postdoc to work at the intersection of TDA and plant morphology at Michigan State University. Specific info is here: https://careers.msu.edu/en-us/job/518468/research-associatefixed-term
The review starts June 1st, application posting expires August 15th, and the position potentially starts September 1st. Please pass this along to anyone who might be interested, or feel free to message me if you’d like more info!


Oxford TDA conference: SPIRES 2024

Heather Harrington, Vidit Nanda, and Ulrike Tillmann write:


It is a pleasure to announce:

Spires 2024
7-9 August, 2024
Mathematical Institute, Oxford, UK

This fourth annual conference of the Centre for Topological Data Analysis will bring together researchers in the field of topological data analysis and cognate areas. Applications to the natural sciences such as biology and neuroscience will be discussed. As the field matures some of its methods have also found applications back in foundational mathematics that we are keen to explore. https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.maths.ox.ac.uk/groups/topological-data-analysis/spires-2024__;!!DZ3fjg!74uo9iHnWefaL20MbVbjJG0RAIdyFmLfyvadQIjq6BdgRzhblyX3PSV4pIJsrQZNt_vpNzzOpV0mjYQuY4eeL5MxLzLfGWSJR8F6Ia_u9g$

Speakers will include:

Gunnar Carlsson
Rob Ghrist
Claudia Landi
Ezra Miller
Anthea Monod
Sayan Mukherjee
Nina Otter
Bastian Rieck
Egor Shelukhin
Primoz Skraba

The programme will include a poster session and participants are invited to submit an abstract.

Funding is available for accommodation and travel.
Application deadline for funding: 6 May 2024.
Registration deadline: 8 July 2024.

We are looking forward to seeing you in August in Oxford:
Heather Harrington, Vidit Nanda, and Ulrike Tillmann

2nd CfP: WinCompTop 3

Erin Chambers and Claudia Landi write:

This is the second call for submissions for the Women in Computational Topology Third Workshop (WinCompTop3) Proceedings, entitled “Research in Computational Topology 3,” which will be published as a volume in the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)-Springer series. The AWM-Springer series is a relatively new initiative by AWM (http://www.springer.com/series/13764) and the volumes are refereed proceedings at the AMS Contemporary Mathematics standards level.
This particular volume in the series is a follow-up to the third WinCompTop workshop, held at the Bernoulli Center (EPFL) in July 2023. 

We solicit submissions in the general area of applied and computational topology, broadly interpreted. Submissions could be reports on original work or possibly longer survey papers. While priority will be given to submissions co-authored by participants in the workshop, we expect to have significant room for additional papers and welcome contributions from any WinCompTop network member or ally.

Please let us know if you plan to submit an article as soon as possible; you can do so by contacting Erin Chambers (erin.chambers@gmail.com) and Claudia Landi (clandi@unimore.it) via email, including the tentative title and abstract, as well as authors of the work.

Submissions are due by July 12, 2024, and should be submitted via email (to erin.chambers@gmail.com and clandi@unimore.it) as a pdf file.  Accepted papers will need to be reformatted at a later stage using the Springer template.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and we look forward to seeing your contributions!

Erin Chambers and Claudia Landi, editors

Special Session on Computational Topology at the AMS-UMI Meeting in Palermo, July 2024

It is a pleasure to announce the special session “Computational Topology: Foundations, Algorithms, and Applications” (https://sites.google.com/view/ams-umi-computationaltopology/home-page), which will be held at the University of Palermo (Italy) from the 23rd to the 24th of July 2024 as a part of the “AMS-UMI International Joint Meeting” (https://umi.dm.unibo.it/jm-umi-ams/) taking place from the 23rd to the 26th of July 2024.

On that occasion, we want to valorize three distinct, but tightly intertwined directions within computational topology: the investigation of the mathematical foundations of the subject, the quest for creating higher-performance algorithms, and the paths for new applications that those tools have opened. On the other hand, we intend to bring together well-established researchers and early-career mathematicians, enhancing the exchange of ideas and promoting collaborations between different communities.

The confirmed speakers are:
Clemens Bannwart (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)
Ulrich Bauer (Technical University of Munich)
Bruno Benedetti (University of Miami)
Håvard Bakke Bjerkevik (University at Albany)
Thomas Chaplin (University of Oxford)
Patrizio Frosini (University of Bologna)
Barbara Giunti (University at Albany)
Maria Antonietta Pascali (ISTI-CNR)
Matteo Pegoraro (Aalborg University)
Jose Perea (Northeastern University)
Érika Roldán Roa (Max Planck Institute)
Stefania Sardellitti (Sapienza University of Rome)
Nicholas Scoville (Ursinus College)
Francesca Tombari (Max Planck Institute)
Francesco Vaccarino (Polytechnic University of Turin)
Žiga Virk (University of Ljubljana)
Bei Wang (University of Utah)
Lori Ziegelmeier (Macalester College)

Participants are required to register for the main conference at this link: https://umi.dm.unibo.it/jm-umi-ams/registration/.

We hope to see you in Palermo!

The organisers:
Henry Adams (University of Florida)
Claudia Landi (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)
Nicolò Zava (Institute of Science and Technology Austria, ISTA)