Lectureship in Mathematical foundations of AI

We are advertising a lectureship in Mathematical Foundations of AI and Machine Learning with the deadline of 3 June 2024. The position should be attractive to mathematicians with an interest in the theoretical foundations of the subject, and so in particular it should be of interest to those working in topological data analysis, applied topology, and similar subjects. We are partners in the EPSRC-sponsored programme “Mathematical Foundations of Intelligence: An “Erlangen Programme” for AI” which started earlier this year and will run for five years. As part of this endeavour, we will be appointing two postdocs in this area, the first of which will start in October 2024. The successful candidate will be offered the opportunity to engage with this programme. 

We warmly invite and encourage applications from women and other groups under represented in this area. I’d be very happy to answer questions about the position. 

The relevant link is here: https://jobs.soton.ac.uk/Vacancy.aspx?ref=2684624PJ

For more information, please contact Jacek Brodzki.

Best wishes, 
Jacek Brodzki

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