AATRN poster session

Dear applied topologists,

We (Henry, Antonio, Hanka, Teresa) are organizing open poster sessions via Zoom, with the intention of giving a platform to younger members of our community to showcase their work, as well as a place for everyone to present their most recent research results. Topics of interest will span the full range of applied and computational topology.

The webpage for the poster sessions is at

The sessions will be two hours long, and our first poster session will take place on Friday, October 8th, 2021 at 11am Eastern time. To submit a title and abstract, by September 24 please fill out the registration form at

Zoom coordinates and the website with the program will be sent out to the AATRN email list several days before each poster session.

Best wishes,
Henry Adams, Hana Dal Poz Kouřimská, Teresa Heiss, Antonio Rieser

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