CfP – APCT Special Issue: Random Topology, September 30 2022

Call for Papers on Random Topology

Guest Editors: D. Yogeshwaran (Indian Statistical Institute, India) and
Omer Bobrowski  (Technion, Israel),  e-mail:
APCT Editor: Robert Adler (Technion, Israel)

Studies on the geometry of spatial random structures (e.g., random graphs, sets and fields) have naturally led to the research of the topology of such structures, forming the relatively new field of Random Topology.  Questions in this area are often motivated by the desire to explore higher-dimensional versions of classical lower-dimensional results, as well as by applications in Topological Data Analysis. This special issue will group together a variety of topics at the intersections of Topology, Probability, Combinatorics, and Statistics, with the aim of highlighting recent developments in Random Topology and related fields.  We already have commitments for a number of papers by some of the leading researchers in this area and we would like to invite more  papers exploring both applied and theoretical aspects of Random Topology. 

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to,

  • Topology of random simplicial complexes
  • Topology of Gaussian random fields
  • Higher-order Laplacians and spectral properties
  • Random walks on simplicial complexes
  • High-dimensional percolation
  • Random knots
  • Topological inference

Papers will be posted electronically as they are refereed and accepted.

Deadline : December 31, 2022

Manuscripts should be prepared according to the submission guidelines of the journal.

All papers must be submitted to the journal’s submission system. During the submission stage, please select “Yes” for the question “Does this manuscript belong to a special feature?” in Additional Information tab, then select a special feature “S.I. : Random Topology”.

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