Faculty position at Queen Mary University of London

(On behalf of Primoz Skraba)

The School of Mathematical Sciences at the Queen Mary University of London is looking to hire in the field of mathematical data science, and one of the explicitly-mentioned areas of interest is applied and computational algebraic topology. Details below:


TDA Postdoc at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is looking to hire one or two postdocs in computational topology. We have a growing group of TDA researchers with a number of exciting projects in the area. See the job description, requirements, and apply online here: https://pnnl.jobs/seattle-wa/post-doctorate-ra-data-science-computational-topology/F757F358214349B58F9F17B3094EEBD1/job/

Topological Robotics and ML – Open Rank at Northeastern

The position is associated with a proposal for a research cluster on “Topological robotics and machine learning” that I’m spearheading. Although the language of the solicitation favors machine learning, I strongly encourage you to apply if your research touches on any of the following topics: configuration spaces, graph braid groups, topological complexity, topological data analysis, stochastic topology, linkages, etc. 

AATRN: Vanessa Robins interviewed by Elizabeth Bradley

The Applied Algebraic Topology Research Network (AATRN) is hosting the second interview in our series:

Vanessa Robins interviewed by Elizabeth Bradley, November 18, 2020, 5pm Eastern

For the zoom coordinates, please become an AATRN member at


or else email the AATRN directors at aatrn.director@gmail.com.

You may find recordings of our prior videos at


Best, Sara Kalisnik, Elchanan Solomon, Henry Adams

Talk by Gunnar Carlsson in “Data Science for Material Discovery” Seminar Series

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to attend a virtual seminar in the I-AIM seminar series “Data Science for Materials Discovery”. We are an NSF-funded research team working towards new frontiers in data-driven discovery for material science and engineering mechanics (https://i-aim.weebly.com). 
Our next speaker will be Professor Gunnar Carlsson from Stanford University, who will give a seminar entitled “Topological data analysis and applications” on Nov. 6th (Friday), 1:00 pm EDT (10am Pacific Time). Brief talk information is below, and more information about the seminar series can be found at https://i-aim.weebly.com/seminar.html.

The seminar will have a 40-45 min talk and 10-15 min discussion. The Zoom Meeting ID and password can be found below:

Zoom ID: https://cuboulder.zoom.us/j/96007553384
Password: i-aim

Thank you for your interest. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

Wei Chen, IIT
Hendrik Heinz, U Colorado
WaiChing Sun, Columbia University
Yusu Wang, UC San Diego
Yanxun Xu, JHU


Talk Information


Title:  Topological data analysis and applications
Abstract:Topological data analysis is a rapidly developing field with mathematics and statistics. It constructs mathematical notions of shape, and ways of measuring shape. I will discuss the methods, with examples to a number areas of the sciences and engineering.

About the Speaker: 
Gunnar Carlsson received his doctoral degree from Stanford, and has taught at University of Chicago, University of California at San Diego, Princeton University, and since 1991 at Stanford University.  He has worked within the area of topology, the mathematical study of shape.  Since 2000, he has been working on adapting topological ideas to the study of large and complex data sets.  He led a multi-university DARPA initiative on this subject from 2005 to 2010.  He co-founded the company Ayasdi in 2008, which has been commercializing the research. 

Postdoc Position at the University of Florida

Peter Bubenik is hiring a postdoc in topological data analysis. The teaching load is one 1-semester course per year. The position is funded by the NSF and the Simons Foundation for a math bio project. There will also be the opportunity to pursue theoretical work if desired. Please apply through MathJobs.Orgwww.mathjobs.org/jobs/list/16547

Draft book: “Algebra and Topology for Data Analysis”

Hal Schenck from Auburn University would like to share his draft book Algebra and Topology for Data Analysis with the community:


The book goes from linear algebra to spectral sequences, containing data applications interspersed throughout. The author is interested in any comments or feedback, so please shoot him an email after checking it out!

AATRN Topological Complexity Seminar

Dear colleagues,

With great pleasure we announce the launch of the AATRN Topological Complexity Seminar (AATRN-TCS).

The AATRN-TCS Fall session talks will be held once a month, on a Thursday, starting Thursday, Oct 22 at 10:30am Eastern. We will use the Zoom videoconferencing platform. Please take a look at the seminar web page for the schedule and speakers:


We are grateful to the Applied Algebraic Topology Research Network (AATRN) for supporting this online seminar. Regular reminders (and Zoom coordinates) for AATRN-TCS will be distributed through the AATRN mailing list, so please register as an AATRN member at

(if you have not already done so) to ensure receiving these reminders. As with regular AATRN activities, AATRN-TCS talks will also be available through the AATRN YouTube Channel.

Best wishes from the organizers,

Dan Cohen
Jesus Gonzalez
John Oprea

Instructorship in applied and/or computational mathematics at EPFL

There is a two-year instructorship in applied and/or computational mathematics available at EPFL, with an open starting date. Applications from specialists in applied topology are welcome.

The official job announcement can be found at this link.

The application deadline is December 1.

Professor in Applied Geometry and Topology, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

The Division of Mathematical Sciences, a division of School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences is aiming to build up a research group in Applied Geometry and Topology and is looking for an outstanding senior researcher who is able to lead the research group. This group is envisioned to employ methods from Geometry, Topology, Dynamical Systems, and Stochastics to problems in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Mechanical Control, Shape Analysis, and Robotics. NTU provides a rich environment for interdisciplinary collaborations in these areas, including the Robotics Research Centre and the Computational Intelligence research lab at the School of Computer Science and Engineering.

We are looking for candidates with Ph.D. degrees in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics or closely related fields. Researchers with interests in the following field are especially encouraged to apply:

• Mathematical foundations of learning theory and artificial intelligence

• Topological and geometric data analysis

• Applications of geometry, topology, and learning theory in biomedical sciences, robotics, mathematical finance, and shape analysis

• Numerical methods for mechanical systems, variational integrators

• High dimensional methods for nonlinear systems