Professor in Applied Geometry and Topology, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

The Division of Mathematical Sciences, a division of School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences is aiming to build up a research group in Applied Geometry and Topology and is looking for an outstanding senior researcher who is able to lead the research group. This group is envisioned to employ methods from Geometry, Topology, Dynamical Systems, and Stochastics to problems in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Mechanical Control, Shape Analysis, and Robotics. NTU provides a rich environment for interdisciplinary collaborations in these areas, including the Robotics Research Centre and the Computational Intelligence research lab at the School of Computer Science and Engineering.

We are looking for candidates with Ph.D. degrees in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics or closely related fields. Researchers with interests in the following field are especially encouraged to apply:

• Mathematical foundations of learning theory and artificial intelligence

• Topological and geometric data analysis

• Applications of geometry, topology, and learning theory in biomedical sciences, robotics, mathematical finance, and shape analysis

• Numerical methods for mechanical systems, variational integrators

• High dimensional methods for nonlinear systems

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