Professorships and Postdocs in Applied Topology at the Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Applications

Jie Wu writes:
I am advertising postdoctoral/regular positions at Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Applications (BIMSA), which is Shing-Tung Yau’s Applied Math Center in Beijing. (Note. There is a Yau’s Math Center in Tsinghua University. This one is a new center of S. T. Yau aiming to mathematics and its applications, located in the suburban of Beijing City with walking distance to the Great Wall.) 

In addition to postdoctoral positions, BIMSA also hires Research Fellow (professorship), Associate Research Fellow (associate professorship) and Assistant Research Fellow (assistant professorship) in all areas of mathematics, frontiers of physics, computer science, finance and interdiscipline. 

The goal of BIMSA is for being the top five in the International Institutes of Applied Mathematics, with finally reaching the scale of about 300 people. Currently, the insitute has hired about 100 people.

I am pleased to say that topology is one of the areas at BIMSA’s hiring list. I should mention that both pure topology and applied topology are welcome. So far, we are establishing the area of topology. Personally, I hope that the topology team at BIMSA will work on pure math projects as well as applied projects, depending on the interests of individual team members. If anybody has any suggestions/comments/views how to build up the area of topology in a good way, please let me know.

The information of BIMSA’s recruitment is available at


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