Topological Data Analysis – Theory and Applications

Workshop: Topological Data Analysis – Theory and Applications

School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Western University

May 1-3, 2021

The following mathematical scientists have agreed to speak:

Henry Adams (Colorado State)

Gunnar Carlsson (Stanford/Ayasdi)

Mark Daley (Western University)

Maia Fraser (Univ of Ottawa)

Robert Ghrist (Univ of Pennsylvania)

John Healy (Tutte Institute)

Michael Lesnick (SUNY/Albany)

Facundo Memoli (OSU)

Amit Patel (Colorado State)

Jose Perea (Michigan State)

Emilie Purvine (Pacific Northwest National Lab)

Luis Scoccola (Michigan State)

There will be 4 lectures per day, for each of the three days of the meeting. Precise dates, times, titles and abstracts for the lectures will be posted on the meeting website:

This meeting will be a zoom event, and will be supported by one or more slack channels.

There will be a registration process for participants, by a method that is to be announced.

For further information, please contact Rick Jardine:

This meeting is supported by the Tutte Institute for Mathematics and Computing, and by Western University.

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