The WinCompTop@ATMCS event, organized by Erin Chambers, Ellen Gasparovic, and Yusu Wang, will be held June 6-7 at The Ohio State University.  Any member of the community (man or women) is welcome and encouraged to join us for this meeting.  In addition to talks by participants from the prior WinCompTop workshops and members of the community, there will also be a panel discussion, a dinner or social event, and open time for working groups to meet (or start new projects).  Funding is available to help with travel, particularly for junior participants.  

If you were a participant of one of the first two workshops and would be interested in talking about your group’s project or follow-up work, please get in touch with an organizer! 

After scheduling these talks, we plan to add additional talk slots for members of the community, but we hoped to first showcase some of the fantastic research that came out of WinCompTop 1 and 2.

Stay tuned for funding details and a program soon, and we hope to see many of you there!

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