Women in Computational Topology

Brittany Fasy writes:

Recently, a listserv for women in Computational Topology was initiated. The idea is that we can use this mailing list to remind each other about upcoming deadlines, find out who is going to SoCG or CCCG next year, etc. Feel free to encourage others (men or women) to join our network too! If you are interested in joining, send a blank email to <WinCompTop+subscribe@googlegroups.com>. If you have any trouble joining or posting to the listserv, please email Brittany <brittany@fasy.us>.

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  1. Could you post the following announcement, if possible? Thanks!
    UNYTS 2022: 3rd Upstate New York Topology Seminar
    Syracuse University, October 22, 2022

    This is a one-day regional in-person topology conference focussing on algebraic and low-dimensional topology. There will be three plenary talks, given by Francesco Lin, Allison N. Miller, and Martina Rovelli, as well as parallel sessions. For these, we have an open call for speakers, with preference given to early-career participants (students, postdocs, and tenure-track professors) and to regional speakers (from the broad region of New York State and nearby). Apply to speak when you register (submit a title and short abstract there).

    We have just received news of funding from the NSF, mostly for accommodation, with priority given to early career participants.

    Website and Registration:

    Important: To have an idea of the potential number of attendees, we would appreciate it if you could register by September 1. The deadline for requesting to speak in the parallel sessions is September 1.

    Contact information: Claudia Miller and Stephan Wehrli

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