Bedlewo rescheduled: July 2022

There were plans to have an Applied Topology Conference in Bedlewo scheduled for 27 June-3 July 2021. Unfortunately moving forward with the meeting is no longer feasible due to the current  pandemic situation. We are unable to ensure the safety of our participants during the conference time. Moreover, it is very likely that we will have a series of lockdowns in 2021 that may prevent hosting of and participation in the conference impossible without any notice. At the same time we believe that an in person meeting has a key added-value and therefore we are opposed to converting it into a video-conference format.

For these reasons we would like to postpone the conference to 2022, when hopefully we are all able to meet and have a proper scientific event. The new dates for the conference are 3-8 July 2022 for which we pre-booked the same place. In addition to plenary and contributed talks we are planning to have a Young Researcher Forum as well as a poster session. We also plan a sequence of theoretical and software tutorials in Applied Topology on Sunday before the conference (or Saturday just after the main conference).

The accommodation cost in Bedlewo Conference Center is EUR 400 (including accommodation, meals, local transportation, excursion and coffee breaks). A conference fee of  EUR 50 covers the cost of additional social events and the general organization expenses.
We have limited support to partially cover the accommodation fee for participants without sufficient aid from their respective institutions. If you would like to apply for support, please let us know in the “additional information” section of the registration webpage.

The new webpage of the conference is available here:
The pre-registration is open now. Please feel free to register at your earliest convenience, as the number of participants is limited by the capacity of the Bedlewo Conference Center, and we may not be able to accommodate everyone.
If you would like to apply for support or take part in the Young Researcher Forum, please let us know in the “Additional Information” box. Also, please ignore the two tick boxes requesting hotel booking and refunds.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Bedlewo in 2022!
Pawel Dlotko
Waclaw Marzantowicz

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