Conference on the occasion of Gunnar Carlsson’s birthday, IMA Minneapolis, August 2022

It is our pleasure to announce the conference “Algebraic Topology and Topological Data Analysis: a conference in honor of Gunnar Carlsson” at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) in Minneapolis,  August 1–5, 2022. Funding is available by application on the website

Early career mathematicians will be prioritized for travel funding. Full consideration will be given to funding requests received by June 10.

Currently confirmed speakers

Henry Adams
Niny Arcila-Maya
Chad Giusti
Kathryn Hess-Bellwald
Rick Jardine
Roy Joshua
Sara Kalisnik 
Sanjeevi Krishnan
Anibal Medina-Mardones
Mona Merling 
Jose Perea
Emily Riehl
Santiago Segarra
Ulrike Tillmann
Craig Westerland
Ben Williams
Jenny Wilson
Ling Zhou 
Vin de Silva

We hope to see you in Minneapolis!
Best wishes,
Matthew Kahle, Facundo Mémoli, and Kirsten Wickelgren

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