Málaga and Topology Meeting

The Geometry and Topology team of the University of Málaga is pleased to present the sixth edition of the “Málaga & Topology Meeting” which will talke place from February 5 to 7, 2020. We welcome anyone interested in attending, in an informal and relaxed atmosphere, the talks of a selected group of topologists. In this edition we have the following speakers:

  • Alejandro Adem (to be confirmed)
  • Yago Antolín
  • Roger Casals (to be confirmed)
  • Robert Ghrist
  • Najib Idrissi
  • Vidit Nanda
  • Ana Peón-Nieto

More information and (free) registration available in https://sites.google.com/view/jibiri-and-malaga-topology/home

At the same time, see also the previous link, we will also host the  “Jibiri Seminar”, an itinerant yearly event on topics of algebraic geometry. This edition will consists in a course on Varieties of Characters given by:

  • Marina Logares
  • Ángel González-Prieto
  • Vicente Muñoz

For both events, there will be some funding available for young researchers.

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