New Slack channel for basic geometry & topology questions

We added a new channel for basic geometry & topology questions to the popular Slack workspace “Geometry & Topology in ML”. Despite the name of the workspace, there is no machine learning background needed for this particular channel. We are looking forward to your questions and answers. 

To see/write messages in this new channel, you need to join the whole Slack workspace “Geometry & Topology in ML”: Invite link
You can afterwards subscribe/unsubscribe to/from the various channels according to your interest.

Example questions:

  1. Why do we need assumption X in Theorem Y? What would be a counterexample?
  2. What is a good reference for reading up on a sheaf theoretic approach to persistent homology?
  3. I read about algorithm X, and understand every line, but lack intuition: What is the big picture idea behind it?

We hope this new channel will be a nice addition to the already existing geometry and topology Q&As (This list undoubtedly has unintentional omissions; please let us know if you have recommended additions): (with different tags for different sub-fields of mathematics), 
– The ALGTOP-L discord: 
– There are a variety of webpages and list-servs, such as, ALGTOP-L, WinCompTop, compgeom-announce, that sometimes have geometry and topology Q&As, but are more focused on announcements (conferences, job postings, etc).

We want to encourage people who are rather new to (applied/computational) geometry and topology, in particular, to ask questions!

Best wishes,
Bastian Rieck, Niklas Hellmer, Teresa Heiss

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