Tenure track and visiting positions at Union College

[Note: Union College houses among others Ellen Gasparovic, who does TDA]

On behalf of the Department of Mathematics at Union College, I am writing to make you aware of openings for a tenure-track position and for two visiting positions in our department starting in September 2020. The details are available at https://www.mathjobs.org/jobs?joblist-195-14758.

The mathematics department and Union College value student and workforce diversity.  We are committed to continue developing as a community of diverse populations and cultures including, but not limited to, those based on race, religion, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, national origin and veteran status. As such, we are always looking to diversify our applicant pool so that it is as broad as possible.  Toward this end, we would be grateful if you could let those you know who are on the job market know about our positions.

I would also like to provide you (and prospective applicants) with some additional information about our college and department.  Union is a liberal arts college with engineering located in Schenectady, NY, part of the Capital District of New York State.  Union is an historic college, having been founded in 1795 as the first non-denominational college in the U.S. Our mission is to develop in our students the analytic and reflective abilities needed to become engaged, innovative, and ethical contributors to an increasingly diverse, global, and technologically complex society. This past year, the College celebrated the inauguration of our 19th president, David Harris, who is challenging us to learn to be more comfortable with being uncomfortable in the service of personal and communal growth and wisdom.  We are part of a metropolitan area of more than a million people with proximity to major cities and outdoor recreation; specifically, we are convenient to Boston, Montreal, and New York City (3-hour drive to each plus frequent Amtrak service to NYC) as well as the Adirondack Park and Vermont.

Faculty members at Union are focused both on teaching undergraduates and on research. Our department, with twelve tenure-track faculty lines, has a welcoming, supportive, and collegial environment.

Again, we would be grateful if you could let those you know who are on the job market know about our positions (and please feel free to forward this email to them).

Best wishes,

Christina Tønnesen-Friedman

Math Department and Hiring Committee Chair

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