Tenure Track at VU Amsterdam

The Vrije Unversiteit Amsterdam is advertising two tenure track positions. From the advertisement:

Our department is looking for mathematicians with a proven expertise in geometric and topological aspects of data and algorithms. This topic can be interpreted in a wide sense: we are interested in analytical, statistical, probabilistic and combinatorial ideas to deepen our understanding of the relation between geometric and topological ideas on the one hand, and data science and its algorithms on the other hand. Concrete subject fields include stochastic geometry, topological (methods in) data analysis, geometric aspects of statistical learning, reconstruction of manifolds from data, equivariant deep neural networks, and applications of these. Other combinations of geometry/topology and data/algorithms are also a possibility. In this position, you develop their own research line. The position of Assistant Professor is initially a tenure track position for five years. After four years, based on transparent criteria, we will take a decision on the tenure. The preferred starting date is on or before September 1, 2022.

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